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Security Systems Cheshire is pleased to offer a wide range of burglar alarm systems, including those from well-known brands such as Honeywell ADE and Pyronix.

We have a large selection of wired and wireless alarm systems available that can be used in commercial and residential locations.

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There are many factors that can influence the best burglar alarm for your business or home. You can choose based on your budget, your location, and the level of protection you need.

There are many types of burglar alarms on the market. Our range will give you peace of mind.

There are many intruder protection options available, each with a different price and functionality. Monitoring intruder alarms usually require a contract, in addition to the price of the alarm.

An all-inclusive Security Systems Cheshire alarm burglar alarm will ensure your home is safe. This is the best choice for security-conscious homeowners.

This user-friendly alarm system offers maximum security and peace of mind with touch screen control, smart SSC Smart Services connectivity, and a deterrent siren.

All of our packages come with peace of mind. This wireless alarm package for intruders offers exceptional wireless functionality, as well as optimum reliability.

Each home is unique, so we customize all of our packages to suit your needs. Our entry-level Burglar Alarm Package is installed by highly skilled engineers. Installation prices start at very affordable prices.

A monitored intruder alarm is a key component of any home security system. We only sell monitored systems because your alarm is never ignored when it’s monitored.

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Each Security Systems Cheshire alarm is professionally installed. This feature sets us apart from other security companies. All things are taken care of by our expert staff.

Our user-friendly alarm system offers maximum security and peace of mind with touch screen control, Smart Services connectivity, and a deterrent siren.

Our security specialists are experts in creating packages that meet your exact needs. We can assist with all your security needs. Just get in touch.

Our skilled technicians will use motion detectors, glass break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensor, as well as other electronic security devices, to create an intrusion security system. This will protect your property, people and assets.

An intrusion system detects unauthorized entry to a building. It is used in commercial and residential buildings for property protection or theft prevention.

A break-in can have a major impact on your business and your employees. Intruder alarm systems can alert you to all crimes and deter potential intruders.

You can choose to have your system wireless by integrating Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication and relying upon a smart wireless signal.

Alternatively, the system can relay information to the central control panel using physical wiring.

If you rely on your alarm system for insurance coverage, it is important to know the grade of your intrusion systems. Insurance companies may require a specific grade.

The UK’s intrusion systems must comply with European Standards EN50131. This defines four grades.

Installing an intruder alarm system in your commercial or business premises requires that you determine the grade of detection required by your insurance. The next step is to determine the best type of detection for your building and operational requirements.

People tend to place a lot of emphasis on the usability of alarm systems, such as how they are set up and unset when entering and exiting a building.

We are seeing more control via key fob or app from outside the building.

Traditional methods such as proximity tags, which are the little black or grey fob you place over your keyboard, or the 4-digit code on the keypad to activate the business alarm for intruders, remain popular.

There are many types of motion detectors. Here are some that are most often used in business alarms.

PIRs are the most common movement detectors and can be used indoors in a non-harsh environment. A harsh environment is usually outdoors but a harsh interior environment could include a damp, dusty, or unusually high or low temperatures. This would make the device fail or malfunction.

Most PIRs can be mounted on a wall, corner of two walls, at a height between 1.8 and 2.5m. They have a detection range of 10-15m and a 45-90deg angle. There are many variations. For example, a 360deg ceiling mounted version is available.

A lens is used to split the received beam into multiple planes. Each plane has alternate ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ areas. The sensing element detects movement in these hot and cold areas.

Used mainly for the purpose of reducing false alarms, typical usage is offices, shops, and dwellings.

The Quad Element PIRs, which are identical to the ones described above, have four beam planes (hence, “quad”) that correspond to ‘hot’ and cold zones. They look like a square. The detector determines if it is an alarm activation based on the pattern “seen”. This can reduce false alarms by a significant amount.

Dual Technology (DT) is also known as ‘Dualtec detectors. It consists of a PIR detector and a microwave detector all in one unit. These detectors work by requiring that both detector elements be activated to trigger an alarm activation. As explained above, the PIR detector works in the same manner as a standard PIR. The microwave detector basically’sees space. The microwave detector emits a microwave radiation that bounces around the room. It is then received back and converted into a specific value. The received signal will change if there is any change in volume or movement (e.g. an intruder invading) in the room. Alarms are triggered if the signal changes are significant. The range and sensitivity of microwaves can be adjusted.

Curtain PIRs focus the detection pattern onto a narrow area. Curtain PIRs typically have ranges of 18m and more. You can mount them horizontally.

External PIR detectors may not be the best solution to your intruder alarm. External PIRs should be mounted carefully and have sophisticated detection algorithms. This makes them less cost-effective than other options.

This risk assessment is free if you are a current maintenance customer of any of our fire or security systems.

We also offer a survey reimbursement for those who accept our proposal. We’ll subtract this cost from your installation price when you install your new business intrusion alarm system.

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